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Union approved

What does that mean?

The recognition of an association by the Student Union means several aspects. The recognition regulations of the Student Union (which are unfortunately only in Dutch) give all the official rights and duties of both the association and the Student Union. The most important advantages are the following:

  1. A Union association is able to use the facilities which are offered by the Student Union. At the moment there are for example a Union training program (meant for the boards of the clubs) and the possibility to use the meeting rooms in the Bastille and the Vrijhof.
  2. A Union association can get direct or indirect financial support. Directly by several subsidies which are owned by the Student Union. Indirectly by the economies of scale by large purchase projects.
  3. A Union association has the right to get the information of the Student Union, in a way which is given by the board.
  4. A Union association has the possibility to distinguish itself during the Introduction period. Also the board can give the Union association the possibility to distinguish itself at the information days of the University of Twente.

Furthermore the Student Union is a young and growing organization, which means that the number of facilities offered by the Student Union is continuously increasing.