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The Student Union

Student Union - Blend in!
Our goal is to let your student time be both fun and stimulating. We are an organization that is in close contact to numerous parties varying from the smallest student association to the executive board of the university. By means of several alliances we create as many opportunities as possible for both associations and individual students.
If you feel like organizing an event or starting an enterprise we can, for instance, help you with finding the right contacts or a cheap office space. We also give various subsidies and we have a sponsorship fund for interesting projects.

To make your student days even more exciting and to offer opportunities to enhance yourself, we also organize events ourselves. Every year we start with a major party by means of the Kick-In, a committee which we are very proud of. Furthermore, we organize the largest student think tank of the world, Create Tomorrow, once every two years. We also organize trainings and award prizes and certificates to students that develop themselves next to their studies. You can, for instance, participate in the Skills Certificate, during which you can attend trainings around one central topic for a whole weekend. Furthermore we also offer TEDxTwenteU, a big event during which speakers from all over the world can share their vision and idea, in order to inspire you as audience. Finally, we have a Buddy committee. They facilitate the Buddy programme, in which international students are coupled with national students, in order to get to know eachother's cultures.

We also take care that you get to know the right people, that you can express your opinion, or that you can learn something extra. For example we organize a drink with the Rector 5 times a year, where you can, while enjoying a beer, discuss with your fellow students and of course the Rector himself.
Besides we also operate the UnionShop, to purchase all of your study materials and UT clothing.
Furthermore we offer you the UnionCard, giving you access to a wide range of low-priced sports and culture facilities. All of these activities and facilities are a definite must for a great student time!

To conclude: whatever kind of student you are, the Student Union makes sure that you make right that little extra out of your student time!

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