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Living in Enschede

Enschede is broken up into five regions, the Centrum, North, East, South and West. Students live especially in the Centrum, in Twekkelerveld (=North) or in Pathmos (=West). It takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to bike to the University. This is a good method to assess how far a student house is from the University or from the Centrum.

General info

Many students at the University and at the Hogeschool live in the city. Generally, 4 to 6 students live in the student houses in the city. Some houses and flats have similar rooms, but most don't. The rooms can vary greatly in location, size, comfort and price.

One of the differences between living in the city and on campus is that in the city you will have neighbors of all types, whereas on campus most, if not all, of your neighbors will be students.

Many students find it advantageous to be able to bike home in a short time after going out. Most of the student houses lie within 5 minutes biking from the Centrum. Therefore, going out can be easy in the 'best student city in Holland.' Around the Oude Markt you will find many café's where you can go out (and sit at one of the lovely terraces in the warmer weather).

One possible disadvantage in living in the city is that you are farther from the campus. It will take you 15 to 20 minutes to bike from the Centrum to the campus. If you don't wish to bike, you can always take the bus, which is very well connected and travels throughout the entire campus.

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Or select a student house:

House name Floor area Total price Location asc Available per
LOTS 13 m2 € 255,00 Enschede Centrum 19 apr 2015
Het Imperium 14 m2 € 230,00 Enschede Centrum 21 apr 2015
Huize de Gloeiende Spijker 11 m2 € 210,00 Enschede Centrum 16 mrt 2015
KHS 11 16 m2 € 350,00 Enschede Centrum 30 mrt 2015
Vat 68 16 m2 € 160,00 Enschede Centrum 1 mei 2015
Wooldriksweg 26 25 m2 € 316,00 Enschede Centrum 1 jun 2015
Huize boven Leunis 16 m2 € 290,00 Enschede Noord 18 mrt 2015
Huize Zwit 13 m2 € 305,00 Enschede Noord 1 mei 2015
studentenhuis De Oude School 16 m2 € 305,00 Enschede West 16 mrt 2015
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