Jul 19 2016-07-19

Student Thijs Veldhuizen spent a day with the rector: informative, surprising, but also tiring!

Last week’s Tuesday was the day: I had my ‘meeloopdag’ with Ed Brinksma, our own rector magnificus! I got a unique look behind the scenes at the Executive Board (EB), during which we also had some tough discussions about the choices made by Ed and the EB. The agenda was full but also very balanced, with room for one-on-one talks between the meetings. So, a very interesting, fun, and valuable day, both for me and Ed.


Jun 24 2016-06-24

Visited by Neelie Kroes: it’s Tim’s week!

Last Tuesday, Neelie Kroes visited the university and Kennispark. According to Forbes she is the most powerful Dutch woman ever. She was here to review our progress since her last visit in 2015. Using initiatives like the Dutch Student Investment Fund, Hardstart and the Start Up Hub we were able to create a lot of opportunities for students eager to start a company. A lot of the students want that. We asked every enrolling student if they wanted to start an enterprise and more than half of them were interested to do so. By following Neelie Kroes’ advices, I hope we can make a lot of progress during the next academic year.


Jun 17 2016-06-17

A blog by intern Marije!

Hello! My name is Marije Daleman. I am 23 years old and live in Enschede. I am studying to become a secretary at the ROC Hengelo. In my spare time I like running, shopping and swimming. For the past thirteen weeks I have been an intern at the Student Union. Yesterday, I held my final presentation to mark the end of my internship.


Jun 10 2016-06-10

Rose's final weeks as a board member!

A week of interviews! This week, the candidates for next year’s board visited us for an interview. If they pass this round, they will get a case to solve. I am confident that we will find the right successors. The new Kick-In Committee has been formed as well: Annemarie Smid, Eline Zwijgers, Mitchel Haring, Myrte Wennen, Patrick Braakman and Sannah van der Heijden will be next year’s committee. Good luck! I was involved in the auditions for the NTR University Quiz as well. Together with Anne and couple of UT employees I was part of the jury. Executive Board member Mirjam Bult was in it too. It is awesome to see that Mirjam is so involved with students, just like the other CvB members. I had a fun afternoon!