Apr 29 2016-04-29

Anne’s ambitions for the final months as a board member!

Good news for students that visit the UT psychologists. In October, the psychologists approached us, because the university wanted to cut back 250,000 euros on them. After their request to take on this case, UReka joined us and together we did some research about the student psychologists. As it turned out, 55% of the students would not make use of them anymore if they had to pay for it themselves. Furthermore, 69% of the students thought that the waiting time of over six weeks was way too long.


Apr 22 2016-04-22

Visiting the asylum seeker centre: it is Rose’s week!

Would you like to spend a day with the Executive Board of the University of Twente? Together with the UT and Liesbeth Klein Kranenbarg of Arago, I have been working on this project for a while now. The members of the EB will experience the student life by joining a lecture, project group, dinner or pub. On the other side, students will also be able to join the Executive Board for a day. It is a nice opportunity to tell policy makers about your opinion on the University of Twente or to learn something from them. If you want to participate, send me a motivational letter at r.m.a.rorije@utwente.nl. I have already received the first messages, so be quick!


Apr 15 2016-04-15

Ideas from Ireland: it is Annelotte's blog!

Last week, we visited almost every Student Union in Ireland, like you could read in Tim’s previous blog. I got really inspired! At Dublin City University I saw a module that combines extracurricular activism and studying. They can get ECs by working for Clubs&Societies or Student Councils. Whether you were responsible for a huge organization or brought a small association to a higher level, your experience and insight are valuable! The students are coached and get to know more about their field. Ideal, isn’t it? Moreover, some universities show activism on student’s degrees or award certifications. In Enschede, board members can already get activism recognition and we are working on part time activism recognition!


Apr 08 2016-04-08

A trip to Ireland: it's Tim's blog!

This week, my board is on a study trip to Ireland, where Student Unions are obligated by law. We visited six different universities during the last five days. Besides that, we visited the Union of Students in Ireland, the umbrella organization of the six Unions we saw. There are a lot of different Unions, which makes it interesting to compare the organizations and their structures, because it allows us to review our own organization in a more effective way.