May 27 2016-05-27

Tim's week: The Future of High Tech!

Last Wednesday, I was at The Future of High Tech, which is an awesome event uniting students, researchers, businesses and investors during an inspiring day.


May 13 2016-05-13

A busy week: it's Eline's blog!

After a long Ascension weekend I was ready to start for another week. There were two major projects this week: Living Smart Campus and the Association Weekend!


Apr 29 2016-04-29

Anne’s ambitions for the final months as a board member!

Good news for students that visit the UT psychologists. In October, the psychologists approached us, because the university wanted to cut back 250,000 euros on them. After their request to take on this case, UReka joined us and together we did some research about the student psychologists. As it turned out, 55% of the students would not make use of them anymore if they had to pay for it themselves. Furthermore, 69% of the students thought that the waiting time of over six weeks was way too long.