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Become active!

Enschede is full of activities! Do you want to see more than just your study books during your studies, and would you like to participate in several activities, or would you even like to organize one yourself? In that case activism would definitely suit you well!

Student activism means putting effort in the University of Twente's associations community, by organizing of, and participating in activities meant for you and your fellow students. The UT supports activism, and it is one of the most active universities in the Netherlands. There are many possibilities here to become active during your student time, for instance in study associations, sports associations, culture associations or student associations. You can, for example, take part in a committee, or spend one year (fulltime) in being a board member. A committee is a group of people who are putting effort in organizing an activity or reaching a certain goal. You can think of reaching the goal of 'improving lectures', organizing a symposium, a big tournament, a trip abroad, or even about starting your own business!

More Than a Degree!

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You want to take part in the active life! What's next? Questions like: 'Where can I become active?', 'What can I learn from being active?', and 'What is the added value?' are important thoughts that cross students' minds when considering becoming active.
Do you want to have one overview of everything you can do next to your studies? And in what way you can benefit from activism, also after your graduation? Tom explains everything:

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